Why You Should Celebrate Your Birthday On A Yacht

There is no better way to celebrate your birthday than with a luxury yacht. Celebrating your birthday on a yacht has many benefits and it will make for an amazing party.

A luxury yacht is such a fun place for people of various ages to gather and have a good time celebrating their birthdays. Whether you are 10 or 30, having your birthday on a yacht can be very enjoyable. The idea of spending time on the water and enjoying the sights and sounds will definitely be something that you want to do more often. (Luckily at BOB Marine, we provide affordable yacht charters.)

1. A sunset to remember

One of the greatest things about planning a birthday party on a yacht is that you will have an amazing view when it comes to sunset. The sunset on a yacht will be something that you will remember forever, so go ahead and plan for this to be part of your festivities. You can enjoy the wonderful views while having capers and drinks with your friends. However, do ensure that the weather is on your side before booking your yacht!

2. A private party atmosphere

When you book a luxury yacht for your birthday party, you will have an atmosphere similar to what you would have at a private club, but on the water! One of the great things about having your birthday party on a yacht is that it will be very social (due to the smaller environment) and give you more opportunities to talk with people. If you are looking for a place where you can really cut loose and let go of any inhibitions, this is definitely one best places to do so!

3. You have made it!

It is only when you could rent your own yacht for your birthday, then would you know that you have made it! Renting a yacht would be more symbolic than materialistic for some, as this could signify that you have accomplished what you set out for. This would also be a great way to share your success with family and friends!

4. The world is your oyster

By making an oceanic voyage, the world would start to feel bigger and navigable. It is not uncommon for voyages to the isolated yet charmings of Singapore — with some even venturing to the island of Bintan!

5. Water sports!

If you are a sports junkie, then a field day on a yacht could be the best time of your life. By bringing in the necessary equipment (of your sport of choice), you could have endless fun without any crowds or hindrance. Similarly, you could get your friends to join you too!

It would be exhilarating to end the day with a nice BBQ along with a great selection of beers. Possibly the best “guy’s night out” you could have in Singapore!


The best birthday presents are the ones you give to yourself, and it does not get better than celebrating your birthday on a yacht with friends and family!

If you would like to find out more about celebrating birthdays on yachts in Singapore, then feel free to contact us! We offer a wide selection of services that cater to very specific needs — from fish boat rentals to an all-out luxury experience!

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