Where to Rent a Yacht in Singapore

If you want to know where to rent yacht in Singapore, check out B.O.B. Marine Yacht Charter, a yacht charter Singapore company. They provide one of the most affordable and value-for-money deals for a yacht rental. They aim to share their love of boats and give a chance for many to have a remarkable yacht experience.

The company started with two yacht owners, becoming business partners. But what sets them apart from other boat charter Singapore companies is the bond the team has built together.

As a band of brothers, or B.O.B., they give importance to bonding and get-togethers among families and friends. Hence, they want you to build memories with the people you cherish while sailing with them.

Other yacht charters in Singapore may have similar offers. But here are the reasons why you should choose B.O.B. Marine among the rest if you want to have a memorable yacht experience in Singapore.

Why Choose B.O.B. Marine?

The company values family relationships, friendships, and comradeships. Hence, they want to listen to your preferences on how you want your yacht experience with your loved ones to look like. They offer additional features to make your yacht party more enjoyable and interesting. They have inflatables such as a four-seater float and a giant unicorn, swan, or flamingo float, so you can have a great time on the waters. Water trampoline and fishing equipment are also available.

The main part of every celebration is food. So they put a lot of effort as well in serving you delicious foods you can share with your family and friends. From a variety of BBQ sets to special gourmet dining, you will enjoy every bite and fill your tummy while sailing.

If you want to host an event on a yacht, you can choose among the featured yachts that will fit the kind of celebration you want.


The Featured Yachts


The name may sound familiar, especially for those who have been to the Mediterranean. Named after the largest island there, the Sardinia yacht promises an ideal cruise and island getaway, which makes you feel like you are sailing on the Mediterranean Sea.

Sardinia is a flybridge cruiser that measures 57 feet and is three decks high. With its spacious area, it can carry up to 37 passengers, excluding the captain and two crews. It is a yacht for those who want to hold large group parties and events.

It features two cabins with beds, a washroom with shower facility, TV, Bluetooth speaker, full-sized fridge, microwave, and BBQ pit. The yacht is already equipped with two kayaks you can use onboard.

bob marine private yacht charter

Golden Ocean

The Golden Ocean features a timeless style and beautiful furnishings. The yacht has a luxurious seating arrangement to provide a comfortable atmosphere.

It is also a flybridge cruiser but smaller than the Sardinia. It can accommodate up to 18 guests, plus one captain and crew onboard. The Golden Ocean is ideal for celebrations that require fewer people.

Onboard facilities include a fully-air conditioned saloon deck, lounge area on the top deck, cabin with queen-size bed, washroom with shower facility, TV and Bluetooth speaker for entertainment, mini-fridge, microwave, and BBQ pit. The yacht also has one kayak included you can use throughout your itinerary.


Experience an Unforgettable Yacht Experience

And now that you know where to rent a yacht in Singapore, you can now plan the ideal yacht party you always wanted to experience. Choosing our yacht rental service will let you realize that a luxurious trip on a yacht is not just for the rich and elites. Book now and experience a fun party on the sea.

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