9 Island Getaway Ideas around Singapore

It’s simple to get sucked into the rat race here in Singapore. We’re giving you the go-ahead to check out of daily life and into a private island resort for those times when city living gets too much.

Short getaways are healthy for you to recharge — believe us, these short retreats would make East Coast park look like chicken feet!

There are many beautiful islands near Singapore that make for perfect getaways. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious private island resort, white sandy beaches, or coral reefs — there’s an island perfect for you.

Here are some recommendations for you where you can get from Bob Marine!

1. Bintan Island (Indonesia)

An Indonesian island chain called the Riau Archipelago is close to Singapore and is a favorite weekend getaway spot for Singaporeans. There are resorts and stunning beaches in Bintan where you may unwind for several hours. This island won’t let you down whether you’re seeking islands around Singapore for a honeymoon or a family holiday. You may also hike the island, play golf, and go scuba diving. It’s a popular option for tourists keen to spend the weekend exploring islands close to Singapore. One of the most visited islands around Singapore is this one.

2. Batam (Indonesia)

Although it may have a somewhat sleazy reputation, Batam is a Singapore island getaway only a 45-minute boat journey away. It has a straight side that prioritizes luxury leisure, adventure, and sports. For divers, in particular, the island is the ideal starting place for further exploration of the Riau Islands.

The Nongsa operation of Montigo Resorts is located on the eastern side of Batam; the shining white, contemporary villas are scattered along the coastline and look out over the South China Sea. A stay at the resort ensures quiet and private with the possibility to enjoy nature because it is remote from the island’s central area, where most visitors gather.

3. Cempedak island (Indonesia)

Cempedak is a strikingly designed private island resort created by the same people who created Nikoi Island. The eco-friendly resort features crescent-shaped roofing (made of native grass) atop its bamboo-made villas; you’re unlikely to find anything similar to Singapore. These include private plunge pools, patios, and roomy living areas. Discover this breathtaking natural treasure, with its granite boulders, white sand beaches, and a rainforest home to native species.

4. Langkawi (Malaysia)

Located 30 kilometers off the coast of Malaysia’s mainland, Langkawi’s scenic and tranquil archipelago is a triple threat with charms for beachgoers, foodies, and adventurers. Emerald seas surround you, with paddy fields and jungly hills as the dominant background. Selecting a district for your stay might be difficult because many options are available. But if you have the money, spend it at one of the island’s numerous luxurious resorts.

5. Tioman Island (Malaysia)

Located off the coast of Malaysia, this little pear-shaped island is a refuge for both budget and water sports enthusiasts. Although its waters are not the cleanest or bluest in the area, they do have a healthy coral reef. Additionally, novice divers may easily navigate the waters. The rainforest-covered volcanic island offers a simple, unhurried way of life.

6. Lazarus Island (Singapore)

Lazarus, another island close to Singapore, is just a short distance away. With its white sand beaches and tropical vegetation as a background, it’s one of the best beach islands close to Singapore. Lazarus is regarded as one of the most exquisitely gorgeous islands close to Singapore.

Lazarus Island in Singapore is accessible via ferry, like the majority of the locations we’ve covered here. Mainly at Marina south pier

7. Karimun Island (Indonesia)

The Riau Archipelago has another island near Singapore that you should try to visit during your time here. Karimun Island, as it’s called, features picturesque beaches, markets, great seafood and hotels to stay at. It is one of the most peaceful islands near Singapore and lures nature-lovers worldwide.

8. St John’s Island (Singapore)

Make your way to St. John’s Island if you don’t want to go far but yet want to spend the weekend on a beautiful island close to Singapore. It’s a well-liked vacation spot recognized for its lagoons and accessibility to the mainland. The most popular islands for vacations are those close to Singapore. Don’t forget to pick up some of the area’s mouth-watering treats before leaving for home. You may take a boat from Marina South Pier or World Trade Center to this island near Singapore.

9. Sugi (Indonesia)

Near Singapore, on the island of Sugi, adventurous tourists have the possibility to disconnect truly. It is noted for its isolation and simple lifestyle and is just approximately 50 kilometres from the mainland. For those who want to get down to the basics, it’s a lovely island to stay on close to Singapore. It is the location of Telunas Beach Resort, which offers tourists over-water accommodations and delectable seafood. These resorts promote self-care and connection with nature, so your stay may include spa services, water activities, and excursions to lesser-known natural attractions. Additionally, meals are carefully selected and include both Western and regional food. One of the nicest islands to visit close to Singapore is this one. Take a ferry from Singapore’s Harbourfront Center to Batam’s Sekupang Ferry Terminal. Take a boat from there to Sugi Island.

In a nutshell

No matter your preferences, island getaways near Singapore are seriously abundant! There are some private islands, however, which may require some reservations beforehand. So pack your bags and head to one of these beautiful islands for a memorable vacation through a Yacht booking.

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