6 Reasons Why You Need to Start Planning a Team-building Event

There is one thing that no one can escape from, whether you are student or working adult.

Something that, in theory, should be so easy, but it’s considered one of the hardest things to maintain in the workplace or at school.


Personalities come in a large spectrum.

Every team is made up of people that are completely different from each other, and it’s highly impossible that you’ll ever meet a team where everyone agrees completely with each other and will always be on the same page.

So when you come across a situation where you’re introduced to a new team, what is the best thing to do to ensure that everything goes smoothly?

Team-building, of course!

No team instantly connects, and some teams take longer than others to coordinate.

But what use is it to set up a whole team-building exercise, and spend money to book venues and take time to set up the activities for your colleagues and employees to participate in?

Is it really that important?

In short – yes, team-building is extremely important, and here are some reasons why.

1st – Know Thy Colleague

The first thing that team-building activities focus on is breaking the ice between teammates.

How often do you get to know the people you’re working with outside of an office setting? More often than not, you may not even be aware of your colleagues on a personal level, and your bond may only be on working terms only.


While we’re not saying that you have to know all your colleagues inside and out, team-building activities gives you the platform to get to know the people you work with, and gives you the opportunity to break barriers and establish a more cohesive work relationship.

Oftentimes, being buddy-buddy with your teammates makes project work much more enjoyable and bearable, so firstly getting to know them brings more benefits than you would expect!

2nd – Problem-solving – United We Stand, Divided We Fall

As with every team, the main reason why teams come together is to solve problems and create solutions.

That’s what team-building activities encourage – to actively solve a tough situation at hand with the skills of the people in your team!

Mentioned previously, getting to know your colleagues gives you the chance to learn about their strengths and weaknesses, and it teaches you how to touch on these strong points in order for the whole team to be able to progress forward.

Having the opportunity to watch your colleagues or teammates work may give you the knowledge needed to combat future problems.

How can you tap on the strengths of the individuals around you?

What exactly can they contribute into projects, and what can you do to complement these skills to ensure that projects progress forward without any problems?

3rd – Creative Brainstorming – Creating Together

One important thing about team-building activities is that it subjects you and your team-mates to situations outside of the workplace that you wouldn’t encounter in your everyday work life.

And that’s the best part of it! Unique situations call for unique solutions.

Giving you and your team-mates a chance to brainstorm in a unique situation helps to improve creativity within your team.

Not only will it cultivate an environment where creativity and active problem solving is encouraged, it’ll ensure that everyone will be able to rely on each other all while having fun.


4th – Having Fun Brings Us Forward

Speaking of fun, one of the most important – yet least talked about reason why team-building is essential is just the fact that it’s fun.

Humans are quite the strange bunch, aren’t we?

We need fun in order to keep ourselves motivation, and fun is a way for us to keep our morale up even in face of the most mundane jobs.

Many team-building activities are designed in a way that they are fun yet meaningful, teaching you and your team-mates valuable lessons while you’re having the time of your life.

So if you’re looking for a way to bond with more engagement and participation from the people around you, go for team-building activities!

They will be sure to get everyone talking, and it’s surely a memory that all of you will reminisce on together in the future.

5th – Trust In Each Other

We can say things about fun and bonding all we want, but what’s the use if there is no trust between you and your team-mates?

Many times during these team-building activities, there will be moments where you will have to be able to put your faith and confidence in other people, that they will indeed be able to complete the task at hand.

And whose to say that they’re not struggling to trust you too?

That is the beauty of team-building activities.

Not only does it establish new bonds and connections between you and your colleagues or team-mates, these activities will force you and other people to actively place your trust in each other, so that everyone is able to complete the day without any hiccups.

And at the end of it all, everyone comes back with a strongly forged connection with everyone else.


6th – Resolving Conflict – Diffusing Tense Situations

And finally, the most important thing about these team-building activities is that it will force you to learn how to set aside your differences in a mature and open-minded way.

It is obviously impossible that everyone will see eye to eye all the time.

Again, each person has a personality that differs so differently from another! Some people could be complete opposites and yet, they still have to be able to work together in a team and put aside their differences.

Sometimes, it is very much easier said than done, however.

The truth is – sometimes disagreements escalate, and it will take you and your team-mates to diffuse the situation in order for everyone to be able to move on.

Going through team-building activities educates everyone on the different ways they can resolve conflict, depending on the personality type and the situation that has arisen.

By being able to resolve your differences during team-building activities, it sets a precedent of open-ended communication for everybody, and it will teach everyone to be mindful of the people around them.

Overall, there are many benefits to team-building activities, and all of them are incredibly important if you want your team to see efficiency and effectiveness!

Now that you’re fully educated on what makes these activities so essential in the modern day workplace, why not start planning for your own?

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