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The southern islands in Singapore boast the largest reef ecosystem, housing numerous fish species that thrive, particularly in areas with shipwrecks on the seabed. This environment is ideal for snappers and giant groupers. Boat fishing is an excellent means of escaping the daily grind, offering the possibility of landing unexpected and unique catches on each trip. Taking a break from the usual hectic routine is essential, and fishing provides that opportunity.

The strong currents around the southern islands, especially near St John, Lazarus, and the Sisters Islands, make for an exhilarating fishing experience. Fishing promotes social bonding, allowing you to strengthen your relationships with family and friends while sharing the joy of the pursuit and catch of various fish species.

For novice anglers, our experienced skipper, well-versed in local knowledge and fishing techniques like Bottom Bashing, Jigging, Draft Fishing, and Trawling, provides guidance. Depending on the season and the targeted fish, the catch may include common species such as Snapper, Bream, Bass, Garoupa, Queen Fish, Catfish, as well as occasional prized catches like Coral Trout and Diamond Trevally.

woman holding gold balloons while standing on a yacht
woman holding gold balloons while standing on a yacht
woman holding gold balloons while standing on a yacht
woman holding gold balloons while standing on a yacht
woman holding gold balloons while standing on a yacht

Fishing Fundamentals

  • Setting Up: Once you become accustomed to assembling your fishing gear, it becomes second nature, and you can even do it with your eyes closed.
  • Casting: While not an absolute necessity, mastering the art of casting can significantly improve your catch rate. It allows you to apply various fishing techniques that require casting when the situation demands it.
  • Dealing with Snags: Snagging is a common occurrence for both novices and experienced anglers. However, with more experience, you can reduce the likelihood of getting caught in a snag and, when it does happen, you’ll be better equipped to free your line efficiently.
  • Hooking a Fish: One of the most thrilling aspects of fishing is the act of hooking a fish, setting the hook. Many fish are lost due to poorly executed hook sets. This feeling of challenging the fish is what keeps anglers coming back for more.
  • Fighting a Fish: The more experienced you are in battling a sizable fish, the calmer you’ll be, and with composure comes fewer mistakes. When fighting a fish, there are several crucial techniques to keep in mind. In this video, we cover the basics, but the rest can only be taught when you have a trophy fish on the other end of your line.
  • Releasing a Fish: This is a vital aspect of sustainable fishing that often goes overlooked. It’s essential for the future of fishing that anglers embrace the concept of catch and release. We will demonstrate the proper methods for releasing a fish to ensure its survival.

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